Kaabil Day 18 Collection In India

Kaabil 18th Day Collection In India

Kaabil is a drama genre movie. Movie is starring Hrithik Roshan and Yami Gautum in the lead roles. The visually impaired couples fall in love with each other and all was going well till the girl (Yami Gautum) was abducted by on screen villians (Ronit Roy and Rohit Roy). The boy (Hrithik Roshan) went for revenge defying the fact he is visual impaired because “mind sees all”.

Kaabil Collection’s

On first day movie collected the amount of 10.43 crore which rised to 18.67 crore on second day and on the third day collection came out to be 9.77 crore. This gave the movie total of 38.87 crore. The fourth day collection came out to be 10.75 crore. Movie collected 15.05 crore on fifth day. The sixth day had seen drop due to weekday which was 6.04 crore approx. The seventh day collection was pretty stable with collection of 6.10 crore. The one week collection came out to be 79.60 crore. The eighth day collection was 5.70 crore. On ninth day collection dropped further to 5.25 crore and tenth day collection rised again to 6.40 crore. Eleventh day the collection went to 9.22 crore being a weekend. 12th day was another growth in the collection for the movie which was 11.88 crore. The thirteenth day collection dropped to 2.97 crore. The fourteenth day collection went to 3.05 crore. On fifteenth day collection was 2.79 crore. On sixteenth day movie added 2.31 crore in the account.

Kaabil Eighteenth (18th) Day Box Office Collection, Earnings, Income – A further rise is possible today due to Saturday. The 18th day Box Office collection of Kaabil is 3 crore expected.